Avant Wood and Ecopeneer Collaborate to Develop Sustainable Wood Solutions

Avant Wood has joined forces with Ecopeneer to develop and test Revotropix Paulownia, a fast-growing and carbon-storing timber species, for use in various applications.

Avant Wood’s advanced Thermo mechanical timber modification technology (TMTM) enhances Paulownia’s mechanical properties, making it a viable alternative for applications such as construction. The companies have been working together for about a year and are now entering a phase where Avant Wood will supply their technology and machinery to Malaysia to transform Paulownia and other wood species into value-added wood products that are durable and stable, expanding new opportunities in different applications and business segments.

“As a global forerunner in wood modification, our company can convert practically any wood species to meet market requirements. For example, Paulownia grows quickly and stores carbon well, but its low density has made it challenging to use in certain applications, such as the construction industry. However, with our Avant Wood technology, we can enhance the timber’s properties so that it can be used in various applications worldwide,” said Pekka Ritvanen, founder and chief executive officer of Avant Wood.

Ecopeneer sources its Paulownia from sister company, Green Afforestation International Network Sdn. Bhd. (Gain Green), an integrated tree plantation company that uses an innovative and sustainable biomass growth approach, enabling harvesting as early as four years. The collaboration between Avant Wood and Ecopeneer promises optimised output, a perfect combination that showcases their dedication to sustainability.