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Aside from sawn timber, our area of expertise also encompasses finger-joint moulding, block board, and glue-laminated timber.

Moulding Types

Finger-joint Moulding

Our finger-joint moulding process involves carefully fitting short pieces of wood together using interlocking fingers. This technique creates a strong and durable joint that is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Block Board

Block board is a versatile engineered wood product made by joining together strips of wood using adhesives to create a solid panel. Softwood strips are sandwiched between two layers of wood veneers in the core of the sheet, contributing to the board's dimensional stability and ability to hold nails and screws. It is a popular choice for furniture-making, construction, and interior design due to its lightweight and resistance to splitting and splintering during cutting.

Glue-laminated timber (Glulam)

Our glue-laminated timber is a composite material made by bonding layers of wood together with high-quality, moisture-resistant adhesives, resulting in exceptional strength and stability. It is a versatile material that finds applications in a wide range of industries such as construction, architecture, and engineering.