At Ecopeneer, we are dedicated to advanced and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. We are thrilled to share that we have partnered with Avant Wood to produce temperature-modified Paulownia wood. This innovative Finnish technology will be utilized in processing our sawn and small log products, resulting in enhanced wood quality that is more resilient and durable over time.

By adopting this innovative technology, Ecopeneer is setting a new benchmark in the wood processing industry for sustainable and responsible manufacturing. This aligns perfectly with our core values of prioritising sustainability in all aspects of our operations.


Sawn timber is timber that is cut from logs into different shapes and sizes. Sawn timber is generally cut into varying rectangular widths and lengths, but may also be wedge-shaped.

In our case of minimising our environmental impact, we have found a new way to utilise small diameter logs, which are typically going to be chipped or burned as pellet. Instead of contributing to carbon emissions through burning, we are transforming these small logs into construction and other meaningful materials. By doing so, we are sequestering carbon and creating a carbon sink that benefits the environment. This process allows us to make the most of our resources and practicing zero waste initiatives. We are continually striving to improve our carbon positive impact, and carefully monitor the amount of energy we use in comparison to the amount of CO2 sequestered through our processes. Also see “Small Log Profiling Panel”.